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Corporation’s Mechanisms of Activity

Production Placement Application

Industrial Parks Development

  1. Realization of preliminary grounds selection perspective from the point of view of industrial development.
  2. Concluding agreements on cooperation in the sphere of territory development projects with the local government institutions of the region.
  3. Acquisition of rights on the plots of land, including acquisition through affiliates.
  4. Analysis of the best variants of grounds’ usage, future industrial park marketing strategy development, oriented on the definite circle of target investors.
  5. Preparation of necessary substantiations for making up decisions concerning the plot of land legal status determination, allowing its industrial development.
  6. Industrial parks general layout development.
  7. Concluding contracts on industrial parks infrastructural development (contracts on technological connection, investment agreements). After concluding the investment agreement Corporation can transfer rights on the part of connected capacities to the investor by conclusion of collateral agreement on the transfer of rights and obligations under the infrastructure development contract.
  8. Transfer rights on the ground within the borders of the industrial parks in accordance with the investment agreements.
  9. Providing engineering and transport infrastructure bringing to the border of the assigned plot of land.
  10. Realization of industrial parks’ general nodal objects control and exploitation if necessary.

Infrastructural Projects Financing