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Yuriy IVANOV - Director of Kaluga Region Development Corporation (OJSC)

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ИВАНОВ Юрий Борисович

Mr. Ivanov was born in Obluchie, Khabarovsk Territory, on October 19, 1971. 

He graduated from Natalia Nesterova New Humanitarian University, Management Faculty, Moscow, in 1997.  

Since March 1996 he held the position of the lead economist of securities department, Directorate for Banking Operations, Imperial Bank.

Since September 1999 – head of Accounting Department, CFO, CEO, Independent Financial Broker Company ZAO. 

Since 2003 - financial analyst, Elidius OOO.

Since January 2004  - CFO, member of the board, member of credit committee, member of risk committee, member of budget committee, member of tender committee, Gazenergobank OAO, Kaluga. 

Since December 2008 – head of credit department, hear of credit department, member of the board, Volgo-Okski Commercial Bank ZAO 

Since 2011  - Deputy CEO, Finance, Jupiter OOO, Ulyanovsk  

Since 2012  - CEO, Kaluga Region Water Supply Company OOO, Kaluga. 

Since April 2014 -  CEO, Kaluga Region Development Corporation OAO. 

PHONE: +7 (4842) 79-04-10