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Sosensky Priority Social and Economic Development Area in Kaluga Region. The construction of Food Industry Enterprise named “Foody” has been launched. 04.08.2020

On August 4, a solemn ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the construction of the production complex to manufacture food products by FOODY Sosenskiy LLC was held on Sosensky Priority Social and Economic Development Area in Kaluga Region. The event was attended by Vladislav Shapsha, Acting Governor of the Kaluga Region and Dmitry Butuzov, Director General of FOODY Sosenskiy LLC.

Arkhangelsk Pulp & Paper Mill will open its second plant in the Kaluga Region 23.07.2020

On July 22, the Government of the Kagula Region and Arkhbum-Pack LLC signed the agreement on the investment project realization for the construction of a consumer packaging plant, which will be located on Borovsky site of the Kaluga Special Economic Zone 

Volkswagen Group Rus Celebrates Production of 600,000th Engine at the Kaluga Plant 13.07.2020

Volkswagen Group Rus has announced a new production record: Kaluga engine plant manufactured 600,000th 1.6 MPI EA211 engine. Such results were achieved due to the high efficiency of production processes, as well as the steady demand for this engine model among Russian customers.    

Producer of furniture accessories AMK-Troya has chosen Vorsino Industrial Park 08.07.2020

On July 07, the agreement on cooperation was signed between the Government of the Kaluga Region and AMK-Troya Kaluga. The documents were executed by Vladislav Shapsha, Head of the Region, and Marina Garbuzova, Director of AMK-Troya Kaluga LLC in the presence of Alexey Shtanichev, the owner of the Company.

B-PHARM Pharmaceutical Company located in Russia will launch the production of liquid medical products in the Kaluga Region 06.07.2020

On July 03, the Government of the Kaluga Region and B-Pharm Production have signed the agreement on construction of the plant to produce liquid medical products on the territory of Vorsino Industrial Park. The correspondent document was executed by Vladislav Shapsha, Acting Governor of the Kaluga Region and Valery Ivashinenko, Director General of the Company.

Enterprises of NLMK Sort received Certificates of Environmental Product Declaration 26.06.2020

Enterprises of Long Products Division in Russia of NLMK Group, such as NLMK Ural and NLMK Kaluga received certificates of Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) in respect to reinforcing bars. Availability of such EDP certificate will increase the competitiveness of NLMK products in the Russian and foreign markets.

KHANN will launch the production of forged automotive disks at Special Industrial Economic Zone “Kaluga” 17.06.2020

On June 17, the Agreement of Intent was signed between the Government of Kagula Region and the Russian Company KHANN concerning the launch of the enterprise within the Region’s territory to produce KHANN forged disks for Toyota and Lexus brands. The corresponding document was attached with signatures of Vladislav Shapsha, Head of the Region, and Alexey Sagitov, Director General of Khann Vilz LLC.

Vladislav Shapsha: “It is critical to scale up the experience of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) gained from entering commercial production chains of large companies” 16.06.2020

On June 15, at the production site of Biotechnological Complex – Rosva JSC, the Head of the Region Vladislav Shapsha held a working meeting with the company’s management on the development of cooperation between small and medium-sized agribusinesses and l

Nestlé Purina PetCare factory in Vorsino Industrial Park switches over to the use of electricity generated from renewable energy sources (RES-E) 09.06.2020

Nestlé Purina PetCare pet food factory in Vorsino Industrial Park, Kaluga Region, has been using renewable energy to operate its entire production activity since May 2020. During the year, the factory will use at least 50 million kWh of wind-generated ele

KT&G Rus has transferred 2,800 highly accurate test systems to Kaluga Region 01.06.2020

On May 27, 27 KT&G Rus, a company from South Korea, which has been operating   for 10 years on the territory of Vorsino Industrial Park, has donated 2,800 highly accurate Korean test systems to the inhabitants of Kaluga Region.

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