Main» News» 112 млрд рублей – объем инвестиций в экономику Калужской области в 2020 году

Amount of Investments to the Kaluga Oblast Economy Totaled 112 Billion Rubles in 2020

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Vladimir Popov, Deputy Governor of Kaluga Oblast, announced that figure in his report at the Board of the Economic Block of the Region.

“By way of contrast, in the past 5 years, the average annual amount of external investments kept at the level of 92 billion rubles”, – Vladimir Popov clarified.

In 2020, 22 new agreements were concluded with the total amount of investments of more than 40 billion rubles; they also allowed for creating 2 thousand jobs. Five companies already have residency of the Kaluga Special Economic Zone.

“By facts, residents of the Kaluga SEZ have created 2 thousand jobs. In the Vorsino industrial park, the Arkhbum Tissue Group opened a manufacturing plant for sanitary products and paper. That plant provided for 400 jobs. Another two companies significantly expanded their production capacities” – Vladimir Popov added.

Among the important results of the year, we can name establishment of the area of advanced social and economic development in Kondrovo monocity. Today, we have 5 companies, which intend to implement their projects with a total investment of 1.2 billion rubles. The city will get new jobs, which will be not related with the dominating employing enterprises.

Vladimir Popov highlighted intensive and well-coordinated work of the Regional Development Agency, which under challenging circumstances of self-isolation and absence of major events continued to attract investors and promote the region at all possible platforms.

In 2021, they plan to proceed with the work to remove infrastructural restrictions for particular territories, to promote investment activities in municipal entities of the Oblast, to develop associated services, and increase logistic capabilities.