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On Prospects for Cooperation with Finnish Partners 20.03.2013

On March 19, 2013 Kaluga Region Governor Anatoly Artamonov held a meeting with a delegation of Lemminkainen construction company of Finland headed by Timo Kohtamäki, the company President and CEO. The meeting participants discussed the issues related to development of I-Park Lemminkainen  industrial park  located in Babynino District. Anatoly Artamonov believes that more active steps should be taken to attract investors to this industrial park. "The region government is ready to provide support in this matter. Let's work together as a joint team", he stressed. The parties also spoke of the prospects for cooperation in the construction industry. Lemminkainen representatives put up a proposal to implement their own projects in Kaluga Region related to construction of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient housing.

Kaluga Region Investment Map: Renewal 14.03.2013

An updated version of Kaluga Region interactive investment map, a key tool demonstrating the region's investment potential, is to be launched in the near future. The investment map helps attain Kaluga Region's key objectives related to Russian and foreign investors' attraction.     New navigation modes, user-friendly interface, more detailed description of sites and facilities... All these features help assess all Kaluga Region's capabilities in a short period of time and learn about successful projects already implemented in the region. The investment map features all investment projects, investment sites' plans as well as other important elements of investment infrastructure.   

Kaluga Region Delegation to Participate in Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum 13.02.2013

Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum will open on February 14, 2013. Federal and regional government officials, experts, businessmen, as well as representatives of professional and scientific communities are to attend the upcoming event. The forum participants will discuss strategic initiatives aimed at Russia's social and economic development for the next five years and new economic growth models.   Round tables and discussions will be organized within the framework of the forum to determine the areas for Russia strategic development under current economic conditions.  For instance, the attendees will pay special attention to the management role played by development institutions, information society  problems and development prospects, specific features of strategic communications as well as cluster projects' elaboration and implementation. 

2020 Kaluga Region Investment Strategy: Economy Development Priorities 22.01.2013

On January 21, 2013 a Kaluga Region Government meeting was held to discuss Kaluga Region investment strategy for the period till 2020. The new strategy was elaborated on the basis  of the strategy for social and economic development till 2030. The key message of the new strategy is the following: investments should be human-centered. The new document describes the key directions for business development support in Kaluga Region and the capitalization increase. When presenting the project, Vladimir Popov, Kaluga Region Minister for Economic Development, noted that the measures to be implemented under the new strategy provided for further improvement of investment attraction mechanisms, as well expansion in the state support to investment and innovative activities. The key focus will be on training of specialists required by hi-tech and innovative companies. When speaking of the great importance of brining investments to the region, Anatoly Artamonov recommended local authorities to be more active and pay particular attention to specific social and economic features of each municipal district or municipality. Apart from that, the governor instructed the attendees to focus more on Lyudinovo and Lyudinovo District where a new industrial special economic zone was being established and at least four new agro tourism facilities were planned for construction.

Kaluga Region Investor Club Meeting 06.12.2012

A business meeting of Kaluga Region Investment Club was held in Kaluga Region Representative Office under the Government of the Russian Federation on December 5, 2012. Kaluga Region development outlook, including the present and future of the region's logistics infrastructure, was the main topic of the discussion.   In his welcoming speech Governor Anatoly Artamonov expressed confidence that in 2013 new projects would be implemented, new residential areas would be built, the number of sports facilities and entertainment centers would double and the dual education system would be further improved.  He noted: "We need to meet modern challenges and perfectly understand that new knowledge is required. This is confirmed by the fact that in 2012 we opened Kaluga International School". In the course of the meeting FreightVillageKaluga (FVK) multimodal logistics terminal was presented. This facility is unique for Russia. It will become a home for independent transportation, warehousing and distribution companies, suppliers of logistics services, industrial and trade firms. They will have a direct access to the multimodal terminal and key cargo transportation  routes. FVK is located at a 67 km distance from the Moscow Ring Road at a land plot of 500 ha in Vorsino industrial park. Distance from Kaluga - 82 km, from Vnukovo airport - 50 km, from Domodedovo airport - 90 km.

“Roof Installation Celebration” at Novo Nordisk in Kaluga 30.10.2012

An official ceremony to celebrate the completion of construction of Novo Nordisk plant to produce modern insulin was organized in Grabtsevo industrial park on October 29, 2012. The event was attended by Sergey Smirnov, General Manager, Novo Nordisk Russia and CIS, Jesper Hoiland, Senior Vice President, Boe Hartvig, Project Director. During a meeting with journalists Jesper Høiland listed a number of factors, which made Kaluga the region of choice for Novo Nordisk project implementation. He specifically mentioned the major pharmaceutical cluster, currently being formed in the region, which attracts gifted specialists to the region.   It was also mentioned that Novo Nordisk will manufacture products based on its latest R&D results. Therefore, the latest achievements and priceless experience, accumulated in the course of Novo Nordisk operations in Brazil, China, and North America will be used to create next generation insulines.

Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster: Development Prospects 18.09.2012

On September 18, 2012 a meeting of the Coordination Council for the Kaluga Region Pharmaceutical Cluster Development under the governor of Kaluga Region was held in the conference hall of the Kaluga Region Administration building. The meeting attendees noted that the pharmaceutical cluster development strategy provides for a number of top priority objectives to be attained in 2013.  For instance, all organizational activities are to be completed, namely, it will be necessary to identify criteria for selection of perspective innovative projects to be financed, as well as to launch new educational projects. Apart from that, from the strategic point of view it will be extremely important to build an efficient system to communicate both with the government development institutions and other networking partners, namely, European clusters.  A permanent work group is to be formed within the Coordination Council for the Kaluga Region Pharmaceutical Cluster Development to ensure higher efficiency of the cluster large scale projects implementation and to introduce mechanisms to monitor the development strategy. Anatoly Artamonov said: “Kaluga region pharmaceutical cluster is being rapidly created and we will support its efficient development”.  Additional information: Pharmevolution:  Production and R&D Localization in Russia: Experience, Trends and Prospects Development Obninsk Innovative Forum is to be held on November 21, 2012. Forum objectives: To demonstrate successful experience in the field of pharmaceutical innovative developments and projects implementation in Kaluga Region; To position Kaluga Region as a regional center for innovative pharmaceutical industry development in Russia; To attract Russian and foreign investors to participate in Kaluga Region pharmaceutical cluster  development projects.

Meeting on Introduction of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives’ Regional Investment Standard was Held in Kaluga 07.09.2012

Regional Investment Standard: Introduction and Assessment Practice session was held in Kaluga on September 7, 2012. The meeting participants discussed the results and set milestones for introduction of the Standard for Executive Bodies of the Regions of the Russian Federation Performance to Ensure Favorable Investment Climate requirements. The field session was attended by the heads of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives’ expert groups, representatives of the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, relevant bodies of executive power from pilot Russian regions, which introduce the standard. Currently there are 11 such regions in Russia. The Agency for Strategic Initiatives representatives, who delivered a Report on Results of the Standard Testing and Scaling, mentioned that the measures by Kaluga Region government to ensure favorable investment climate had the most significant impact on the standard contents. That’s why Kaluga became one the pilot regions to test the standard. Vera Adaeva, the Head of Special Projects Division of the Department for Development of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Partner Network, said: “When we employ the Kaluga Region experience and apply it to other regions, we set a very high standard for those who wish to introduce advanced methods and become leaders of the Russian economy”. 

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