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AstraZeneca proceeds for construction of full cycle facility for production of innovative drug formulations 16.09.2013

AstraZeneca proceeds for second construction phase of its own high-tech plant at Vorsino Industrial Park, Kaluga Region, which will include full cycle pharmaceutical production facility. Total volume of investments in the construction of the plant will amount to approximately $187 mln, from which more than $100 mln will be allocated for the second phase. Initially the launch of construction of the full cycle facility was scheduled for 2014, but dynamic project development and also openness and involvement of the regional administration enabled the company to proceed for the second phase ahead of schedule. The launch of production of solid drug formulations is expected for 2016, and the full cycle production capacity will be 500 million tablets per year. About thirty innovative AstraZeneca drug formulations will be manufactured at the plant to treat diseases in such therapeutic areas as oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, psychiatry and pulmonology.

Future of pharmaceutical cluster discussed in Obninsk Scientific Center 12.09.2013

Roundtable discussion “Support mechanisms for pharmaceutical and medical industry. Optimization of regional advantages” took place in Obninsk, Kaluga Region, within the frame of regional ROADSHOW “Modern technologies in “Modern technologies in medicine and pharmaceutical industry”. It was highlighted that the growth and development of innovative efforts and investment potential of pharmaceutical and medical industry in the region depend on successful dialog between representatives of authorities and pharmaceutical industry.    Measures of support for pharmaceutical and medical companies, assistance in implementing developments of Russian companies in cooperation with foreign manufacturers should be at the center stage of attention.

Kaluga Gets Third Place in the Urban Environment Quality Rating 10.09.2013

Kaluga got the honorable third place in the urban environment quality rating of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. The regional center yielded only to Kursk and Moscow. Experts from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment evaluated the safety of urban environments in major Russian cities. Contenders were judged by sever rating criteria, including the quality of air, ponds, domestic water and power consumption. Attention was also paid to waste management, environmental friendliness of transport, and ecological impact management.

AUTOEVOLUTION 2013: Development of the Automotive Business in New Economic Conditions 06.09.2013

September 6 was the day of the official opening ceremony of the AutoEvolution 2013 International Forum on Development of Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing in Russia. The focus was on new economic conditions for increasing the potential for development of the automotive business in Russia, assessment of realities by market participants and authorities, and manufacturers’ strategies. Chen Chuquing, General Manager of Fuyao Glass Rus, greeted participants with a welcome address: “We are the second largest glass manufacturer in the world. We now have a presence in Russia. We would like to express our gratitude to regional authorities. <…> Our investments in Russia will total EUR 300 million. On the initial stage, we will produce 1 million of glass sets per year. Our plans include, firstly, localization, and creation of jobs – more than 5,000. We will also form a local team of managers and technical specialists. You are all invited to the opening ceremony of our plant tomorrow!” Segei Tselikov, General Director of Autostat: “The Russian automotive industry has become the first in Europe based on results for August’.  

Kaluga Delegation at INNOPROM 2013 Industrial Exhibition 10.07.2013

On July 11-14, 2013 Kaluga Government delegation headed by Ruslan Zalivatsky, Deputy Governor of Kaluga Region,  is to attend INNOPROM 2013 Industrial  Exhibition held in Yekaterinburg at Yekaterinburg Expo annually  since 2010. Within the framework of Investment Climate of Russian Regions: Foreign Investors' Point of View round table  Ruslan Zalivatsky will discuss issues related to cooperation between government authorities and business. For instance, he will speak of Kaluga Region's experience in the field of   investment projects' implementation. It is worth mentioning that nine industrial parks with the territory if about 5,600 ha have been established in Kaluga Region. 76 companies built their production facilities there.  Apart from that Lyudinivi Special Economic Zone also offers excellent conditions for hi-tech sectors development. Its core objective is to ensure industrial modernization in the southern part of Kaluga Region. Ilya Veselov, Director General, Agency for Regional Development of Kaluga Region,  will also take part in the discussion on top economic priorities in Russian-Chinese relations A strategic approach to cooperation with Chinese companies is required taking into consideration the active development of Kaluga automotive cluster. A record number of official foreign delegations will attend INNOPROM 2013. John Sloan, Canadian ambassador to the Russian Federation, will deliver a speech at the exhibition. Ambassadors of Iraq, UAE, Algeria, Oman, Palestine, Sudan, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Mauritania, Marocco, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua and other countries are also on the list of visitors.     

FabLab Model Spectr, Center for Youth Innovative Creativity, to Be Opened in Kaluga 02.07.2013

On July 8, 2013 an official FabLab Model Spectr opening ceremony will be held in Kaluga. FabLab Model Spectr, a center for youth innovative creativity, is a member of global hi-tech digital laboratory network.  FabLab Model Spectr, a center for youth innovative creativity, is an open laboratory for young people. It has a complete set of modern electronic equipment (laser and milling tools,   3D printers, 3D scanners, etc.) required to create prototypes of various products and devices, realize promising design ideas. Such equipment is necessary for technical creative work. The center will organize three laboratories to design and build aircraft, ship and robot models.   The idea behind FabLab Model Spectr creation is to promote and support scientific and creative works of children and youth, to teach how to use modern process equipment   and software. Entrepreneurial projects are to be implemented by the center. Such projects will provide for small-batch production of unique items with a view of participating in national and regional youth entrepreneurs’ support programs.   

Kaluga Region Hosts Its First ASQ (American Society for Quality) Exam for Russia 17.06.2013

Now ASQ training and certification are available in Kaluga and Obninsk

On HR Initiatives 28.05.2013

On May 24, 2013 the Day of France was held in the French Embassy in Moscow. The event was organized within the framework of the Presidential Program. The key topic of the forum was cooperation between France and Russia, including the development of French industrial initiatives in the Russian regions.  It was mentioned that dual education system had been introduced in Kaluga Region: automotive industry training/re-training center was established, robotics and mechatronics laboratory was opened at Bauman Moscow State Technical University Kaluga Branch, which  expands the University's R&D capabilities as well as its capability in the field of practical training of professionals for the automotive industry. In the course of the event representatives of  L’Oréal, Porcher, Renault, Schneider Electric shared their views and spoke of various initiatives.   Kaluga Region is interested in development of cultural relations and promotion of science and new technology information exchange with France. The following projects are being implemented in Kaluga Region: PCMA Rus OOO (Peugeot, Citroen, Mitsubishi vehicles manufacturing); Forecia Automotive Development OOO; L'Oreal ZAO (production of cosmetics); Porcher Modern Technologies OOO (industrial textile production), etc. 

Business Development Center Opens in Kaluga 20.05.2013

On May 20, 2013 an official ceremony of Sberbank of Russia Business Development Center and new office of State Entrepreneurship Support Foundation of Kaluga Region opening was held within the framework of Kaluga Entrepreneurship Week. The event was attended by Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga Region Governor, Sergey Borisov, Vice President, Sberbank of Russia OAO, Yury Ismagilov, First deputy Chairman of the Board of Srednerussky Bank (Sberbank of Russia OAO) and other officials.   The Business Development Center Mission is to provide financial and other support to SMEs. The list of support areas  includes business planning,  business launch and growth (entering new markets, leading positions attaining).  Entrepreneurs may hold workshops, webinars, negotiations and conferences in dedicated offices of the center. In the course of the event Business Environment portal (Sberbank project) was presented. The project provides for promotion of business and forming a platform for business representatives' discussions and interaction.   Sergey Borisov said: "The new center will become a place where we are to provide access to knowledge and build a system to support business.  We should do our best to ensure success for businesses. <…> Kaluga Region is a unique region building its efficient development strategy. It holds the leading positions in terms of anchor investors' concentration".  

Entrepreneurship Week Forum to be Held in Kaluga 17.05.2013

Kaluga Entrepreneurship Week will be held at Business Development Center in Kaluga on May 20-24, 2013. The event coincides with the Russian Entrepreneurship Day. The forum is organized by the State Entrepreneurship  Support Foundation of Kaluga Region and the Ministry for Development of Information Society and Innovations in partnership with Sberbank of Russia OAO.     Each day of the Kaluga Entrepreneurship Week will have its own key topic. On the first day the official ceremony dedicated to opening of Sberbank of Russia OAO's Business Development Center and the new office of the State Entrepreneurship  Support Foundation of Kaluga Region will be held.  The event will be attended by honored guests -  Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga Region Governor, and Maxim Shereikin, Deputy Kaluga Region Governor, the head of  the Ministry for Development of Information Society and Innovations. The topic of the second day will be the following: "Who want to become an entrepreneur? Smart steps!". Presentations of unique business projects will be delivered  and the attendees may take part in a business game - Start-up Carousel. Simultaneously entrepreneurs will also have a chance to take part in two sessions: existing industrial and innovative infrastructure for Kaluga Region entrepreneurs. On May 22, 2013 Knowledge and Skills - Sources of Business Success, a day-long  training program will be organized. On the third day entrepreneurs will get to know 55 practical methods how to attract customers and may visit a corporate coaching session.   Out Support 0 Your Development  will be the motto of the fourth day.  Kaluga Region entrepreneurs will be informed on support provided by the government to SMEs in the territory of Kaluga Region. Entrepreneurs from distant districts of Kaluga Region may also take part in the event using video conference communication tools.   The vent results will be summed up in the course of Want Changes? Time to Act! discussion.  On that day the entrepreneurs will discuss with Maxim Shereikin, Deputy Kaluga Region Governor, the current status of business sector and factors impacting business development. We invite you to attend the events to be held within the framework of Kaluga Entrepreneurship Week  on May 20-24, 2013. The vast majority of them are to take place at 63 Gorkogo St., Kaluga (Conference Hall).   Join us, we will wait for you! 

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