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Two Companies Become Kaluga SEZ Residents

Production Placement Application


A meeting of an expert council headed by Vladimir Popov, Deputy Governor of Kaluga Region, was held in Kaluga special economic zone administration and business center on December 12, 2019. It was dedicated to review of applications of Kaluga SEZ potential residents. Applications of two companies, BioRIM and BAZIS, were reviewed and approved. The new residents are to invest RUR8.3 billion in their projects.  

BioRIM is to build its production facility at Kaluga SEZ Borovsk site. The new full-cycle plant is to manufacture 44 types of solid and liquid vital and essential drugs. They are intended to cure infectious deceases, diabetes and tumors. Ninety nine new jobs are to be created.  

BAZIS in its turn selected Lyudinovo site of Kaluga SEZ for its project implementation. The new modern plant is to manufacture elastic medical products (up to 6 million pieces per annum). Sixty six new jobs are to be created at the production facility.  

Domestic manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is essential to ensure supply of high quality affordable medicines of adequate scope and range to Russia’s residents as well as to make the country less dependent on imported drugs.

Currently there are 18 residents in Kaluga SEZ (including two new ones).