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Production Placement Application


A meeting of an expert council headed by Ilya Veselov, Kaluga Region Minister for Economic Development, was held on February 11, 2010.

The meeting was dedicated to review of applications from companies planning to become residents of Kaluga special economic zone. An application submitted by Hayat Consumer Goods LLC was reviewed and approved by the council. The company is to invest RUR7.1 billion in its project. 

Hayat is to build a production facility with the annual capacity of 70,000 t of tissue paper products at Borovsk site of Kaluga special economic zone. The company is to distribute its products both in Russia and other countries.   
Five hundred qualified specialists will be employed by the new plant. The facility is to be commissioned in Q2 2022.  

Murat Cetin, Hayat Russia Director General, speaking of details of the project to be implemented in Kaluga Region and its future development prospects, said: “ We have invested RUR 20 billion in facilities producing tissue paper in Russia. We believe that the local market have great potential. When the new plant is built in Kaluga Region, Hayat will become the largest manufacturer of tissue paper products in Russia”.  

The new Hayat plant to be located in Kaluga Region is to be an innovative production facility using only automatic and advanced resource-saving equipment. Its unique trigeneration system capable of efficient resources’ conversion will allow to use natural gas with 80% efficiency in its tissue paper production chains.