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Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival in The Cradle of Cosmonautics

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Tsiolkovsky State Museum for the History of Cosmonautics and Kaluga Innovative Culture Center are to host Tsiolkovsky International Space Film and Program Festival, Tsiolkovsky Space Fest.

The main objective of the event is not only to demonstrate new films on space exploration. It is also to make space-related science and arts more popular, improve traditions of international dialogue between scientists and cinema professionals to solve acute problems of science, culture and technology development.  Furthermore, the festival plays an important role in the field of education informing people on the past, present and future of space exploration. 

The festival program includes demonstration of new Russian and foreign movies and documentaries on space and space exploration, old movies, previews dedicated to the best space movies of the past, master classes of Russian and foreign cinema experts, discussions and sessions to be attended by prominent scientists and cinema professionals.

Over 1,000 movies from 80 countries of the world are to take part at the shortlisting  stage of the festival. The festival program will be made public   when the festival selection committee takes its decisions by March 15, 2020.