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NLMK-Kaluga, a next generation electrometallurgical plant (a member of Rolled Steel Russia division of NLMK Group) has manufactured the fifth million ton of rolled steel products. 

The plant uses high quality steel to manufacture about 20 types of rolled and profiled steel products of various dimensions at a modern rolling mill. The plant also produces square billet products.
Sergey Shalyaev, Director General of NLMK-Kaluga, said: „The rolling mill shop of  NLMK-Kaluga  demonstrated a number of achievements in 2019. It was the best performance since the plant construction. The plant manufactured over 839,000 tons of rolled products, the hourly reinforcing bars‘ production capacity  equaled 134 t/hour. The plant’s performance is in line with the best global practices“. 

NLMK-Kaluga strives to continuously improve the range of its products offering new popular steel products for existing and new consumers. The expansion of NLMK-Kaluga products‘ range helps its customers as they are able to buy all products they need from one supplier.  

Construction industry companies, including businesses engaged in infrastructure-related projects mostly from Moscow, Moscow Region and other regions of the Central Federal District are the main plant customers. The annual production capacity of NLMK-Kaluga is sufficient to cover relevant materials‘ requirements for construction of 12.5million m² of residential premises (cast concrete and brick/ cast concrete houses) or 19.5 million m² of prefabricated concrete houses.

Currently NLMK-Kaluga manufactures the following types of shape rolled products: angle bars (25х4 mm, 40х4-5 mm, 50х4-5 mm, 63х5-6 mm, 75х5-9 mm, 90х6-8 mm and 100х7-8 mm); channel bar (50, 65, 80, 100 mm).