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Enterprises of NLMK Sort received Certificates of Environmental Product Declaration

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Enterprises of Long Products Division in Russia of NLMK Group, such as NLMK Ural and NLMK Kaluga received certificates of Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) in respect to reinforcing bars. Availability of such EDP certificate will increase the competitiveness of NLMK products in the Russian and foreign markets.

The declaration is an independent environmental assessment of the products life cycle in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14025. Upon its issue, the different factors are taken into account, such as type of materials used in production, e.g. electricity and water, the amount of waste and emissions from production, the type of packaging, and even the type of transport that delivers products to consumers. 

“Sustainable development principles are of a high priority for the Company. We are happy that our customers are following the same approach to environmental protection, which is proved by the fact that they prefer products with the environmental declaration," commented Nikita Vorobyov, Ecology Director of NLMK Group.

The works on development of environmental declaration for NLMK Group were carried out by the Division for Climate and Resources Protection of Brands & values GmbH (Germany). Declaration of NLMK-Ural and NLMK-Germany is available in the EPD Register.