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Tekhnologiya of Kaluga Region Supplied over 200 Composite Products to Aerospace Industry Companies in 2019

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In 2019 Tekhnologiya named after A.G.Romashin (a member of Rostech state corporation) took part in five space programs, and manufactured over 200 hi-tech products of polymer composite materials for the Russian aerospace industry.  

This year the company delivered  23 nose fairing cowls for Proton-M and Angara 1.2 launch vehicles, 80 products (solar cell carriers, thermal regulation panels) for space equipment, including Moon Globe space station and Arctic satellite.  Apart from that, фin 2019 Tekhnologiya has completed the manufacturing of products for ExoMars international space program. The company has produced four sets for ExoMars landing modules, thermal regulation panels for thermal mode maintaining and solar cell carriers.   All products for the Russian aerospace industry were manufactured of local materials.  

Andrey Silkin, Tekhnologiya Director General, said: “We control one third of the Russian composite materials market and supply the largest amount of our products for aerospace industry. All our products are made of Russian materials, and we are absolutely positive that the company is well protected against sanctions-related risks.  Fifty eight pieces of space equipment with Tekhnologiya’s composite components have been put in orbit, 108 Proton-M launch vehicles has been launched. we have manufactured 1,800 thermal regulation panels  for spacecraft”.

Tekhnologiya scientists and engineers continuously improve performance of our products intended for the aerospace industry. A unique carrier for next generation solar cell was presented at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019. It was manufactured by Tekhnologiya. The product’s weight is only 400 g/m2, which is the best characteristic in the world.