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Package Offers for Business Are Still Available in Kaluga Region

Production Placement Application


According to a report delivered by Ilya Veselov, Minister for Economic development of Kaluga Region, the amount of investments in fixed assets in the region  in 2019 equaled RUR100 billion.

Seven new production facilities were commissioned in Kaluga Region in 2019. Five hundred new jobs were created. In the future this number may be multiplied by several times. Twenty six agreements were concluded with investors for a total amount of over RUR90 billion. The agreements provide for creation of 3,000 new jobs.

Ilya Veselov said: “We still offer to all investors without exception a wide selection of sites for business development, full administrative support, a service packages provided by our development institutions as well as tax benefits, which we continuously improve".  

A key strategic objective for 2020 is to maintain positive dynamics in terms of attraction of investments in fixed assets. Kaluga Region government agencies are to continue their work aimed at removal of infrastructure-related obstacles at certain region territories, promotion of investments in Kaluga Region municipalities, development of relevant services and expansion of logistic capabilities.   

Kaluga Region holds the fourth place in the National Investment Climate Rating among all Russian regions.