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Unique Horticulture Project Being Implemented in Kaluga Region

Production Placement Application


Zelenye Linii – Kaluga limited liability company has established a 70 ha nursery fruit and berry farm in Kaluga Region. The new farm has all relevant certificates and has a capacity of 200,000 apple plantlets per annum.   

Over 20 apple pearmains are to be produced, namely Venyaminovskoye, Bolotovskoye, Svezhest, Imrus, Veteran, Antonovka (common), Solnyshko, Melba,  Bogatyr, Start, Rozhdestvenskoye, Legenda, etc. The farm also produces berries and nuts (blueberry, currant, raspberry, strawberry, and hazelnut). The farm has indoor and outdoor horticulture facilities.

An in-vitro greenhouse laboratory was established to speed up reproduction process and to produce virus-free apple pearmains, potato and other horticulture seeds.  It has a capacity of 1,500,000 micro-plants per annum. Apart from that the laboratory is engaged in growing potato micro-plants to produce original seeds.

The Ministry for Agriculture of Kaluga Region has developed a departmental target program to support production of virus-free fruit and berry plantlets in Kaluga. The program is to be implemented in 2020-2022. It is aimed at increasing the production of improved high quality plantlets to 410,000 pcs by  2022 (2.8 times increase as compared to estimated value for 2019).

Source: Kaluga Region Government Press Service