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Construction control and technical customer
Production activity

Sukhinichi Industrial Facility

AZLK branch plant for sale: industrial, warehouse and office premises for your business.

Owner offers an industrial building with a land plot located at AZLK site for sale. The facility can be used both for launching a large-scale production project and for storage of goods.   The main industrial building (265 m x 292 m) with an area of 94,000 sq.m has crane pillars (capacity – up to 30 t). , All technical documentation required for the facility revamping is available. An investor may cut costs by up to 60% as compared to a greenfield construction project.

  • Distance from Moscow ring road - 250 km
  • Distance from Kaluga - 90 km
  • Area of premises – 114,164 sq.m
  • Land plot – 45.34 ha
  • Gas – 1,247 m3
  • Power - 22 MW
  • Price – RUR 3,000 / sq.m

Main production building – 96,770 sq.m

Administrative building – 6,820 sq.m

Wood processing facility – 3,820 sq.m

Power unit – 1,513 sq.m

Arched structure of reinforced concrete - 948 sq.m

Two warehouses (wood processing products) - 1,840 sq.m

Oil warehouse - 570 sq.m

Vocation training school building – 2,382 sq.m

Address: Sukhinichi industrial facility is located at 53 Marchenko St., Sukhinichi, Kaluga Region. The land plot belongs to urban land category   

Tel.: +7 800 555 41 69

Financial services

Sberbank Public Joint-Stock Company (PAO)

Sberbank was established on November 1, 1841. Currently it holds the leading position in the Russian banking sector controlling one third of the banking system of Russia. The bank is a source of income for each 150th Russian family. Sberbank holds 28.7% of all Russian banking assets (as of January 1, 2016) It is also the main creditor of the Russian economy. It holds 46% of individuals’ deposits, and provides 38.7% of loans to individuals and 32.2% of loans to legal entities.

Today Sberbank consists of 14 territorial banks and over 16,000 branches in 83 regions of the Russian Federation stretching over 11 time zones. Sberbank has over 110 million clients in the Russian Federation and about 11 million clients abroad. Kaluga branch is a division of Middle Russia Territorial Bank.  

Services :


Consulting company "MALTON"

MALTON Group has been operating in the consulting services market of Kaluga region since 1996.

Based on the results of work in 2018, the RAEX rating agency included MALTON Group in the list of the largest Russian consulting groups and companies, in the top 50 largest Russian audit groups and networks, and the top 50 largest Russian groups and companies working in the field of accounting outsourcing.


We offer our customers comprehensive accounting support, including:


- accounting register filling;

- preparation of accounting documents;

- reporting;

- HR records keeping;

- tax optimization;

- legal review of contracts;

- filing tax returns;

- completion of payment documents;

- preparation of bank statements;

- support of international economic activity;

- assistance in resolving tax disputes;

- consultations and many other things.


We guarantee high quality performance of tasks related to accounting. In addition, the liability of our Company to the customer is insured for 5 million rubles.


MALTON Group also offers financial reporting audit services:


- mandatory audit;

- voluntary audit;

- audit on an industrial assembly agreement.


The Company employs auditors with significant industry experience, having both Russian and international attestation certificates.




Kaluga, Plekhanova st., h.48/8, offices 406, 408, 414, 423, 508.

tel./fax: 8 (4842) 54-98-54/55




StroyServis Group of Companies

The StroyServis Group of Companies was established 1997 and ever since it operates in Russia, employing more than 400 skilled workers and having all licenses and certificates required for design and construction activities.

Core activities of the Group are as follows:

  • Design development (development of new designs; adaptation of designs developed by foreign companies), including general designer’s activities;
  • Execution of the Customer-Developer functions, designer supervision and technical supervision;
  • Execution of the General Contractor’s functions;
  • All types of construction and installation activities, including refurbishment, restoration, fire protection work, individual and other activities;
  • Maintenance of buildings and facilities, including repair of civil structures and engineering systems.

Large foreign companies, jointly with which the Group during its 15-years’ operating history has implemented more than 45 projects in Russia, are our major partners. The list of our foreign major partners includes:


ERA BAU, ILBAU, UMDASCH, Wienerberger, HAWLE Industriewerke, EGGER (Austria).

Contacts: Valery Kempel

Tel: +7-910-404-95-85

Tel/fax: +7(495) 357-07-05 / 06                    




KESZ LLC is a construction and design contractor, a member of KESZ Holding Zrt., one of the largest construction holdings of Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe. The company was established over 35 years ago. Currently it employs over 1,500 people in different countries, including Russia.  

One of the company’s principal areas of business is the design and construction of production facilities. KESZ LLC offers the following services:

  1. Technical supervisor
  2. Primary engineering contractor
  3. General contractor
  4. Construction and installation works

In the recent years KESZ LLC has implemented a number of major integrated construction projects including Budapest international airport, Mercedes Benz automotive plant in

Kecskemet, complete reconstruction of  Kossuth Square and Hungarian Parliament building.

Global majors, including  Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Roshen, Cimbria, Metro, Hankook, Magna, Daimler, Denso, GE, Siemens, AstraZeneca, Kronospan, Samsung, Foxconn lay their trust in us.

KESZ has implemented a number of projects in Russia, including the following:

  • General engineering and construction contractor at  Magna Automotive component plant in Nizhny Novgorod.
  • Construction of an AstraZeneca pharmaceutical plant in Borovsk district, Kaluga Region.  
  • General engineering and construction contractor  and technical supervisor for the second stage of construction (expansion)/revamping project at  Magna Cosma International production facility No. 1 in Saint Petersburg.

KESZ offers a wide range of services on a turn-key basis, from design and construction works to start-up and commissioning.


Pavel Varfolomeev

Head of Sales Department | KESZ LLC

Bldg. 13, 8 Pravdy St., Moscow

T:  +7 495 780 55 50

F:  +7 495 780 55 60

M: +7 985 292 84 58

Promstroyenergomontazh LLC

Promstroyenergomontazh LLC is a diversified enterprise with a 22-years’ operating history in the field of construction and installation.

The headquarters and the production base of the Company are located in the city of Orel, Russia.

The Company has a sufficient number of human resources, with a lot of experienced managers and workers. In addition, the Company has in its disposal up-to-date construction machinery, equipment and necessary tools.

Key competences of the Company:

  • Implement, on a turnkey basis, facilities of any complexity, using our own resources - from design development to designer’s supervision and facility surveys.
  • Execute the general contractor’s functions.
  • Erect industrial and civil buildings of a new generation (prefabricated buildings), made of steel structures and sandwich panels.
  • Install process equipment in production shops (with a weight of up to 1,000 tons).
  • Perform repair and construction operations at small and large power plants as well as at the chemical industry enterprises.
  • Assemble prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
  • Install steel structures.
  • Repair civil structure paintwork.
  • Build ventilated facades.
  • Apply fire retardant coating onto civil structures.
  • Apply chemical-resistant protective coating onto civil structures.
  • Provide corrosion protection of civil structures.
  • Provide thermal insulation of buildings, civil structures and equipment.
  • Install equipment for the chemical and oil refining industries.
  • Carry out general construction work (repair).
  • Perform finishing operations (internal premises).
  • Implement a scope of work on electrical engineering.
  • Render engineering services.


Address: 215 1-ya Kurskaya St., Orel, 302012

Tel.:  8 (4862) 47-10-90

        +7(909) 228-7788

        +7(920) 281-6003

        +7(920) 280-8888




MALTON LLC is part of MALTON Group, which has been operating in the consulting services market of Kaluga region since 1996.


The company provides the following services:

  1. Construction and technical expertise

Preparation of engineering opinions:

- on determination of compliance of the object with urban planning standards and regulations, design documents, requirements of construction safety standards;

- on inspection of building structures (visual and instrumental analysis);

- on determination of the degree of completion of the facility under construction (at any stage);

- on the actual technical condition of the facility;

- on previously made conversion, alteration, reconstruction;

- on determination of the structure status (residential / non-residential) and the group of durability;

- on determination of the cost of restoration after floods, fires;

- in other areas falling within the competence of company specialists.


  1. Cadastral, geodetic works and technical inventory

- preparation of technical plans for commissioning of multi-apartment buildings, residential and non-residential buildings, premises and large infrastructural facilities  and cadastral registration;

- preparation of acts of inspection of facilities to remove them from cadastral registration;

- carrying out geodetic, topographic, executive surveys;

- conducting technical inventory of non-residential properties (checking and determining the existence, location, purpose, actual use, composition and condition of the capital construction facility).


  1. Assessment of all types of real estate, business, intangible assets.

Based on the results of work in 2018, the Company entered the top 50 largest assessment organizations in Russia according to the RAEX rating agency.



Kaluga, Plekhanova st., h.48/8, offices 402, 406, 410

tel./fax: 8 (4842) 54-98-54/55




Rental housing
Service and equipment providers
Telecommunications services

PJSC MegaFon

PJSC MegaFon is an integrated digital communication company holding the leading positions in the Russian and global telecom market.

We offer all types of telecom services to corporate customers: mobile, satellite, fixed line and secured communications; secured communication channels as well as extra services required for efficient business organization:

  • Virtual PBX service: an easy and efficient method to get access to smart telephony with a single multi-channel telephone number, voice response and other call processing functions.
  • Free 8-800 number helps increase the number of incoming calls, potential customers will be able to contact your company from mobile or fixed line phones for free.
  • MF.Target service: an opportunity to send advertising and information SMS/MMS messages to  a selected target audience  taking into consideration recipients’ location.
  • MultiFon - Business: economically efficient and multifunctional IP telephony.
  • Fleet control and Personnel control: online monitoring of vehicles’ and employees’ movements.  


Ekaterina Yurieva, Sales Manager, Corporate Customers


Mobile: 8 930-846-40-40

21A Tulskaya St., Kaluga

Legal services
Translate service

Competitive Advantages:

  • Quality translation to\from foreign languages  
  • Translation of personal documents. Notarization  
  • Interpreting
  • Union of Translators of Russia. Expert appraisal of translated materials.
  • Apostille

Regions of presence

Kaluga, Moscow, Tula


Volkswagen, Volvo, Magna, Lafarge, RPM Group, Kalugaputmash, PSMA Rus, Gazprom, Efes, Baltika, CornerTrader, Edwardson Equipment, Tula Power Supply Company, HeidelbergCement, Demidovskaya, Quadra, Kässbohrer, Lemken, BASF, Beta Tek Construction, HP Pelzer Group, Tula Polymer, Rosekspertiza Kaluga, Promtekhnokom, Tula Quality Management Center, Kirov Ceramics  


Kaluga: 8 (4842) 790 505, 57-86-67, 56-36-76