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Special Economic Zone «Lyudinovo»

Production Placement Application

Special Economic Zone Specific Features

Pursuant to a regulation of the government each special economic zone has a special legal status. Thus, its residents enjoy a number of tax and customs benefits and have a guaranteed access to utilities, transport and business infrastructure. The costs of investors implementing projects in special economic zones are lower by 30-40% on average as compared to projects implemented elsewhere.

The Federal law On Special Economic Zones provides for a whole set of tax and customs benefits for investors
  • special administrative regime (minimal bureaucracy, one-stop-shop principle);
  • ready infrastructure for business development;
  • land plots can be acquired at special prices; special conditions for office rent;
  • special tax regime (a set of tax benefits);
  • special customs regime (special economic zone);
  • a possibility to use accelerated depreciation methods;
  • legal guarantees to protect investors' rights (laws are not subject to change)

A decision to establish a special economic zone in a territory of a region/regions of the Russian Federation or in the territory of a municipality/municipalities shall be approved by the Government of the Russian Federation and a relevant regulation shall be issued by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Special economic zones are established for a period of 49 years. 

General information
Lyudinovo special economic zone area

The area of Lyudinovo special economic zone equals 316 ha. The land plot is located at a 0.1 km distance from Lyudinovo, near Voylovo, Lyudinovo District, Kaluga Region.

Government Investments

According to preliminary expert estimates, the total cost of the project will be around RUR 3,200 million.

The project is to be financed out of Kaluga Region and federal budget funds. Kaluga Region will invest RUR 600 million (19% of the total cost of works), and the federal government will invest RUR 2,600 million (81%).

Number of Residents

A number of Russian and foreign companies are included in the list of potential Lyudinovo special economic zone residents.

By 2021, when all Lyudinivo special economic zone sites are to be occupied, about 22 production facilities will be fully operational and 3,900 new jobs will be created.

Infrastructure Industrial infrastructure Access roads

The site is located at a 60-km distance from A-101 Moscow-Maloyaroslavets-Roslavl highway and at a 30-km distance from M-3 Ukraine federal highway.

There is Lyudinovo-Zhizdra-M3 Ukraine through road along the southern border of the site (0.02 km) connecting Bryansk-Lyudinovo-Kirov road with A-101 Moscow-Maloyaroslavets-Roslavl M-3 Ukraine highways.

The density of paved public federal and regional roads in Lyudinovo District equals 16 km per 100 km².

Lyudinovo is located at Vyazma-Fayansovaya-Bryansk single-track railway. There are two railway stations in Lyudinovo: Lyudinovo-1 (Class III) and Lyudinovo-2 (Class IV).

Lyudinovo-1 serves all industrial facilities. The distance between Lyudinovo-1 and the site border is 5.0 km.

There are no commercial airports within the 80-km radius from Lyudinovo. Bryansk commercial airport is located in Bryansk (at a 100-110-km distance from Lyudinovo).

Utility networks

There are no water and sewage systems on-site.

Possible water system draw-off point (municipal water supply system) is located at a 1.6 km distance (north-westward direction). Water supply system design capacity is 32,000 m³/day, current consumption – 17,000 m³/day.

The nearest sewage pipeline is located at Industrialnaya St. The draw-off point (pump station) is located on the border of Remputmash KZ OAO facility at a distance of 1.2 km from the site.

The capacity of the existing water treatment facilities equals 22,000 m³/сутки, current load - 17,000 m³/day (up to 20,000 m³/day in case of rainy weather).

It is planned to ensure power supply to the site from Tula power system through Liteynaya substation (220/110/10 kW). Liteynaya substation installed capacity is 2х200 MW, the current utilization factor - 30% of the installed capacity. Distance to Liteynaya substation – 3.5 km.

There is a high pressure gas pipeline at a 3.5-km distance from the site. The gas distribution plant is located at a 4.0-km distance. The capacity of the gas distribution plant is 80,000 m³/hour, the current load is 30 m³/hour. There is a medium pressure gas pipeline (d=219 mm, pressure 0.6 MPa) along Industrialnaya St. The gas supply system draw-off point is located at a 1.2-km distance.

Infrastructure facilities to be built

The following infrastructure facilities are to be built within the framework of Lyudinovo special economic zone creation project

  • double circuit line (110 kW,  63 MVA, 10 km);
  • substation 110/20, 63 MVA, two sections with a single distributing point RP-20 kV, 20 MW, up to 10 consumers;
  • water supply line, length -  5 km, dia 300 mm, capacity - 10,000 m3/day, including 3 (three) switching chambers and a flow metering unit;
  • water discharge network (industrial and domestic effluents), including the sewage collector: length - 5 km, dia 300 mm, capacity -10,000 m3/day, pressure-type, including the pump station, as well as the pump station power supply and construction of 2хTS-160kVA-20/0.4 kW;
  • Treatment facilities for the industrial and domestic effluents, capacity: 10,000 m3/day;
  • medium-pressure gas pipeline, dia 159 mm, length - 2 km, capacity 130 million m3/annum, including a gas distribution station and an access road;
  • storm water collector, dia 2,000 mm, with two discharges with the length of 1.5 km each, capacity -  20 m3/s;
  • storm water treatment facilities: gabion filtering treatment facilities (2), two-section, effluent treatment to comply with regulations for fishery water bodies, with relevant access road for maintenance;
  • access railways (2.5 km length);
  • access road.
  • site (45 ha) grading and  leveling;
  • DP-20 kW, 20 MW, Reliability Category II, up to  10 consumers (2);
  • Ring two-pipe water supply line, dia 300 mm, length - 6 km, 4 (four) switching chambers;
  • self-drained/pumped sewage collector,  dia 300 mm, construction of two sewage pumping stations, power supply from 2хTS-250kVA-20/0.4 kW;
  • gas supply networks, length - 6 km, dia 159 mm, with installation of section taps and cathodic protection;
  • storm water collector, dia 2 000 мм, length - 6 km;
  • on-site roads and passes (Category IV), total length - about 6 km;
  • on-site railways,  total length - about 5 km;
  • chain link fencing (length - 10,500 m);
  • customs post and administrative buildings.
Social infrastructure

Lyudinovo and Lyudinovo District municipality is located in the South-Western part of Kaluga Region and borders on Kuibyshevsky, Kirov, Duminich, Zhizdra Districts of Kaluga Region and Dyatkovo District of Bryansk Region.

The total length of the district borders - 206 km. The distance between the Northern and the Southern borders - 32 km, between the Western and the Eastern borders - 40 km.

Lyudinovo, the district center, is located at a 170-km distance from Kaluga, the center of Kaluga Region, at an 80-km distance from Bryansk, the center of Bryansk region, and at a 350-km distance from Moscow.

The district area equals 954.5, Lyudinovo area - 43.4

Lyudinovo District boasts an efficient vocational training system, which includes Lyudinovo Industrial College, training line managers and workers in 28 areas; and Bryansk State Technical University branch, a higher education institution, training personnel for Lyudinovo companies in the following disciplines: Machine Building Technology, Casting Production and Equipment, Locomotives, Welding, Economics and Management at Machine Building Industry Enterprises, etc. Up to 250 specialists graduate from the college, and up to 50 from the university annually.

Lyudinovo and Lyudinovo District Central Clinic includes polyclinics for adults and children, a dental clinic, a hospital (9 departments), 16 rural medical posts. There is also a municipal polyclinics in Sukreml residential area.

There are 2 stadiums, 17 gyms, including two large ones, 2 surfaced sports grounds, and Sputnik sanitarium.

There are 4 hotels, 4 restaurants, about 15 cafes and bars, 2 movie theaters, and 1 museum.

Land plots Lease

The following formula is applied to calculate lease costs under agreements concluded with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs registered as Lyudinovo industrial special economic zone residents:

LP1 = Рmax x Ki, where

LP1 - lease payment under a lease agreement concluded with legal entities registered as Lyudinovo industrial special economic zone residents;

Рmax - maximum amount of lease for land plots, i.e. 2 per cent of their cadastre value per annum;

Ki - coefficient impacting the amount of the lease payment for Lyudinovo special economic zone residents, namely:

for residents making capital investments in Russian rubles in the amount of not less than EUR 10 (ten) million (excluding intangible assets) - 0.9;

for residents making capital investments in Russian rubles in the amount of not less than EUR 20 (twenty) million (excluding intangible assets) - 0.7;

for residents making capital investments in Russian rubles in the amount of not less than EUR 30 (thirty) million (excluding intangible assets) - 0.5.

The above coefficients shall be unchanged for a period of 5 (five) years from the date of their first application to calculate the lease payments under the lease agreements.

(Order of the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation No. 190 of July 14, 2006)

Cadastre land value as of December 1, 2012 – RUR 1,331,121,615.12.

Land plot acquisition

Lessees of land plots located inside the special economic zone territory, who own newly built property, shall have a right to acquire land plots under their facilities. The price of the land plot shall be determined by the land plot owner pursuant to the Land Code of the Russian Federation.

The price of the acquired land plot equals 15% of its cadastre value.

The cost of 1 ha of land plot in the special economic zone territory is RUR 4,437,072 (as of December 1, 2012).


By 2021 the number of Lyudinivo special economic zone residents is to reach 22 companies from various industries.